I sketch like a Bau5!.....not really
Welcome to my Sketch/Wip/art blog

mostly what you'll see chere is my "art", i'll post fan-art, and my original characters and their bios and random things.

DA: Yaudio.deviantart.com

Blinking chibi of my imvu avatar

kinda messed up in places but w/e

Check out my new layout with it http://avatars.imvu.com/yogoeyx (will be fixing some annoying shit later)

So yeah 

Happy Halloween c:

Newish Oc Karsin

Look at that those teeth and dat gap :B cutee

(She’s the B girl from the adopt batch, Decided to keep her)


people who ask things about your OCs


Mermaid drawing for angellatheartist@DA
Merman drawing for malicious-demi@DA

:3 They won a Raffle/Giveaway I hosted for them 

original mermaid chibi base by Lillieath@DA , I just edited it a bit 

Designs & Art by me